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How to make firefox settings & plug-ins standard on all profiles?

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I am an administrator for a small network (300 users) and am pushing out new images. Each user has their own log-in since I am using Active Directory. The problem is, I want to put Firefox on all of them and have AdBlock Plus & Adobe Flash to be added on when they log on with their profile for the first time and launch Firefox. Is there a way to have it set up through the default profile, so that it can be added each time a new profile is created on each individual machine instead of manually doing it?

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Hello Eddie.

I'm sorry I can't be of much help, but I'd guess that if you created a "basic" predefined profile and spread it around all your user accounts, that would do the trick (since profiles are account specific). See this for more info on profiles:


Of course, this will require you to paste the "basic" profile on every new user account you create, so that might be a problem.

Again, I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I believe the only reliable way to do this is to modify Firefox, compile it yourself with the modifications, and install that build. Of course, if the browser is updated, new profiles created after the update would, theoretically, be "normal" profiles, so you may need to create your own update service for that. Which is less that simple.

Unless there's an inbuilt feature for this, which I'm not aware of, so here's hoping there is and someone knows about it and posts here.