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Since downloading firefox 3.6.8 google earth "freezes".Reverted to 3.6.7 but earth still freezes.followed advice to clear earth cache,but it won't clear.what to do now?

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Since downloading firefox 3.6.8.Google Earth freezes.Reverted back to 3.6.7. Earth still freezes. I uninstalled Earth and reloaded it.but it made no difference.Followed instructions to clear Earth cache,but it wouldn't clear.What to do?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== After downloading firefox 3.6.8

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I'm not sure if this can be related on here with Firefox but I have had a problem with Google Earth and the program 'Freezing' even after many attempts via DirectX or Open Gl modes. In the end I went to my main 'Firewall' program and thoroughly scanned all the various applications within the firewall program itself. I found this which cleared the freezing!! Namely: Arrive at a list of Authorised or Blocked applications within APPLICATION BLOCKINGS. Once in and the list has settled scroll down and highlight Google Earth AND allow any logging [yes] plus making sure that 'Full Access' is functional. Then click on 'advanced settings' for Google Earth and when in Advanced setting [General] allow any 'options' available to you like: Modify other Applications, Control other Applications, Modify and Control system and DNS Resolve. Click OK. & Exit firewall. This example is from my FIREWALL PC Tools Firewall Plus... Good luck!