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How do I change the new bookmark system and replace it with the system from FireFox 2

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I want to upgrade to Fox 3, but who ever designed the new bookmark system figured they had to make a video to teach people how to use it because it is that much more easier to use. I hate it. How do I get to use the old bookmark system inside Fox 3 or do I continue to use Fox 2?

This happened

Not sure how often

== With new FireFox 3

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Firefox 3 was new two years ago (Mozilla Firefox 3 was released on June 17, 2008), are you stuck in a time warp?

Firefox 3 was built around the Places Bookmarks / History SQLite database system, which can't be removed and the older bookmarks.html system installed.

Use whatever suits your fancy, but some major websites are blocking Firefox 2 and older versions (and IE6) from being used at those websites. So the internet will be getting smaller for users of older, less secure web browsers.

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Not stuck in a time warp at all. Just hate the way Microsoft changes stuff to have you do what you want. I'd love to use the Fox 3 but not it's bookmark system. The old system is faster, easier and can be set yo exactly the way a user wants. Fox 3.. no way does it compare in speed, easy of use and organization. It always seems that developers are trying to show off and don't understand the concept that less is more. Don't care if more site block older browsers. I don't go to those sites. SO if i a, correct this means keep using Fox 2 or find another browser with a way better bookmark system than Fox 3. FYT I'v been on the web since the days of cradling's a phone in a modem, using bulletin boards. I know what I am talking about.