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Signature: nsTArray::Clear()

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I just thought the worst of my problems were over with the last update to FF 3.6.8. It was working fine so far since the update, but now just crashed on me after my first game online today. Details: ID: 8847b0c8-6803-44ce-911c-450ad2100729 Signature: nsTArray::Clear( If it makes any difference, I was on facebook playing bejeweled blitz. After the last crashes, I had turned all extensions off, and they are still off. Thank you for your help.

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ID: 8847b0c8-6803-44ce-911c-450ad2100729 Signature: nsTArray::Clear()

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P.S. also yesterday FF did not crash on me, but I did get a motmon warning that a file was corrupted and needed to run chkdisk, which I did, along with a virus scan, before booting up this time.

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Ok, I had 2 tabs open, one this site and the other my facebook site. Closed FB tab, refreshed this tab. Computer went to blue screen that read: "Windows has detected a problem and closed to protect your computer... Beginning dump of physical memory." I shut down computer via power button, and rebooted. No crash report box came up after reboot, so I don't have any further info for you on that one.

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After the last post, I defragged the computer, hopefully that will help? I'm grasping at straws now, folks.