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Automatic Download Mirror Selection Not Working - Easy Way To Disable?

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Hey Guys,

There's something wrong with automatically detecting my location when downloading Firefox.

I went here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

I clicked the download button. I am located in Thailand. The first time, I got the download from a website in Belgium. Connections to Europe are dead slow, so this was very slow. Next time I tried, I got Germany! Again, dead slow download.

I eventually found the mirrors page and was able to download at my normal 10 Mbps from the USA.

In general, automatic mirror detection for Thailand should work like this: - If there is a mirror in Thailand, use it! Connections inside Thailand are the fastest. - If there isn't, use a (any) mirror in the USA - Ignore all other countries, even if they're right next to Thailand. Speeds are going to be abysmal.

All other countries are dead slow. That's because nobody ever accesses websites in Belgium, Germany, or even Japan, Malaysia.. etc. 99.9% of all traffic out of Thailand goes to the USA. That's why all ISPs optimize speed to the USA. The rest is an afterthought. Malaysia is right next to Thailand, but it's 10x slower than USA.

So please - either fix the automatic download mirror selection. Or provide an easy way around it. This is apparently for people outside the USA, and it's not working for them.

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Use the form on this page - http://hendrix.mozilla.org/ - to provide feedback to Mozilla. This is a user support forum that is staffed by volunteers, I doubt if the people who can fix that ever visit this forum.