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I can't view the language malayalam. Font Chowara

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I can't view the language malayalam. While using www.wattpad.com. Malayalam browsing site. Am using Malayalam Chowara Editor to prepare the articles. But i can't get that font. the Font is installed in my computer and the editor showing the lanuguage. but in the above site it can't. Why?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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Can you post a specific link to a website with Malayalam script that gives problems?


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followed the direction suggested by Wikipedia, but not worthily. May be the source site problem.

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Can you post a specific link like I asked above?

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http://mangalam.com/ try this i had to download a font, it worked with mozilla 12, with mozilla 13 its not working

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The mangalam.com site tries to download an EOT font and that doesn't work in Firefox.
There is no local font specified as a fall back.

There is also a font linked to a local file, so it looks that they didn't take other browsers and platform into account.

  • src: url(file:///D:\Public\suneeth\Mangalam\test\MEERA0.eot);

I've you've downloaded and installed the font locally then there needs be a src: local(font_file); rule.

The site works for me though.