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Javascript permanently disabled!

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As of last week, some sites (eg google Maps) are telling me I need to enable Javascript. I have gone through the steps in the Help to do this, although as far as I could tell, nothing got changed. It made no difference. What do I do next? Reinstall JS? If so, how?

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NoScipt needs a lot of user input when you first install it and start using it, once you have allowed scripts for the domains you normally visit it doesn't need as much user input.

Learn how to use NoScript. Or ask for help in the NoScript forum.

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I've been running NoScript for several months with no problem, and it makes no difference to the problem whether I allow scripts globally or not in NoScript. Some sites tell be that I need to enable Javascript but I have done nothing (as far as I know) to disable it. Other sites (such as this one) don't seem to have a problem, and up to 10 days ago nor did Google Maps or BBC iPlayer.