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when will they be a 64 bit firefox

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64 bit firefox

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Weeks of TRASH = FIREFOX 3.66

All three of my computers have been totally worthless since I upgraded to FF3.66. Each are built/configured differently. Each has a different OS. Each has all the above problems. Crashes constantly, RAM & CPU usage on a Q9650 is always near 100%. After screwing around for days I finally came here and found out that I was among a very large and upset group of users. With the last few upgrade I've had minor problems with my selection of add-ons Firefox disabled them for a later fix. I found a new DL today, 3.67 so I installed it figuring the problem was addressed. After installation of 3.67 it still says it's 3.66??

I went to their site to find help from them and couldn't get anyplace until I came here and read about my problem. Thanks for giving me a clear head so I could find a good solution.

My solution was to remove all Mozilla/Firefox products and then install other browsing options. It felt funny because for the first time in years I had to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to find other options. My computer is problem free and fast as usual now.

I wonder how many other users have abandoned them due to this BS?? I for one will probably stick with my new choices now.

YES, Weeks of TRASH = FIREFOX 3.66