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Drop-Down Menus Not Working

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I have Windows 7, and when I installed Firefox, almost every time I use a drop-down menu, the menu will display for a split second, but will not stay up. Drop-down menus work fine in IE, but not in Firefox. I have to use the directional arrows to select from the list of choices, and this is problematic with menus with many choices. This happens every time I use a drop-down menu, so the problem is not site- specific.

Operating system

Windows 7

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This thread inspired me to finally look into this problem and see if there was a quick and easy solution.

For me (2 monitor on Windows Vista), the * PROBLEM IS SOLVED

Check out these steps:

1. Open your Personalization control panel. For example, either: a) right click your desktop and click "Personalize" or b) click Start > Run > "Control.exe /name Microsoft.Personalization"

2. Open the Appearance Settings window by clicking "Window Color and Appearance"

3. Click "Effects..."

4. Uncheck the "Show shadows under menus" box and click OK.

5. Click OK to close the Appearance Settings window.

6. Send a bucket of beef jerky to me if it fixes it for you too!!  :D

I am reasonably sure this will fix the majority of these cases, but if not it may be other display driver rendering issues. And if so I suppose you could remove all hardware acceleration using the fix mentioned above.


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I am having same problem for a couple days now. windows 7, firefox 5. unchecking acceleration did not work for me

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It's simple: On the top menu bar go to Tools > Options > Privacy Tab. In the Privacy Tab at the "History" section it will say "FIrefox will"...select "Remember history" from the selection box. While still in the Privacy Tab at the bottom it will say "Location Bar". Select "Remember History and Favorites" in the selection box. Click "OK" at the bottom and you're done. You now have the Dropdown Menu activated in the address bar.

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