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Why is Firefox 3.6.6 so slow?

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I have another kind of problem with Firefox


Firefox 3.6.6 is running REALLY slow.

Firefox just updated (automatically - I seemed to have no choice) to 3.6.6 on my Mac (OS 10.5.4) and is now running unbearably slow. Every website I try to load shows, at the bottom left "waiting for" (then website name) and loads very slowly, compared to Safari 3.1.2. I tried clearing the cache but that didn't help.

Even when on Firefox's own Mozilla support pages, it loads really slow.

What gives? Why did Firefox automatically update to something worse? Can I go backwards and reload the previous, faster version?

Firefox version


Operating system

Mac OS 10.5.4

Plugins installed


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I'm writing this using Safari browser because using Firefox takes forever. My OS - Mac OS 10.6. Another computer, Mac OS 10.5.8. Since updating to FF 3.6.8, FF browsers on both pages have become unusable. Pages hang and/or take forever to load. I'm going to try above suggestion and revert to FF 3.4.

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i say use chrome and this is why security man security. and here is the proof chrome is the baddest browser around.

Day Two: No One Even Attempts Hacking Chrome at Pwn2Own Competition We mentioned this yesterday, but now, after two days at this year's Pwn2Own browser-hacking competition, Chrome alone stands unhacked; hackers infiltrated every other browser on day one. Perhaps the best indicator of Chrome's security is the fact that competitors haven't even attempted to crack Chrome's "sandbox" despite a $10,000 prize. Chrome gives every process started within the browser very limited privileges to get the job done, keeping it essentially in the sandbox, so while it's possible to get in the sandbox, you can't do very much while you're there. It seems like this bodes extremely well for Chrome's security system, especially compared to its competition—and it'll likely give more people reason to choose Chrome over Firefox. [ITworld]

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Firefox 3.6.8 isn't working any better than Firefox 3.6.6 or 3.6.7 did. Their still a huge mess.

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