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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Today 6/22/2010

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Here is a Fix l tried and it worked and is still working fine just disable the plugin and alls is good l posted this on page 2 seems no ones doing it to disable it.

Solution you can turn it off by typing About:config in the address bar above, filter for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll (Copy & Paste) and change that to false. Flash will run in the program proper. and l am not getting any crash messages and all runs smooth again on a single core P4 2.4cpu. :D

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I must say that I might just have to go back to internet exploder until you guys fix this crappy plugin container... it slows down my system , and at times completely stalls web browsing... I started using firefox because it was way better than ie, but now... it is just as crappy ... I will be looking for a replacement for firefox / mozilla and maybe I might return when u guy get your heads out of your butts and fix this crap.. then again I might not.....

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I used latest firefox, should be there is no problem at all with this old mess... ironic... still there.. I tried to fix the problem followed instruction I found on youtube, sadly its wont works at all, hope morzilla can fix this oldies problem soon because morzilla firefox is my default browser

here the problem :

Problem signature:
 Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
 Application Name:	plugin-container.exe
 Application Version:
 Application Timestamp:	4e616378
 Fault Module Name:	kernel32.dll
 Fault Module Version:	6.0.6001.18215
 Fault Module Timestamp:	49953395
 Exception Code:	c0000005
 Exception Offset:	0004baea
 OS Version:	6.0.6001.
 Locale ID:	1033
 Additional Information 1:	d22d
 Additional Information 2:	0b391b323a4e37d06e843dbd7812e493
 Additional Information 3:	e818
 Additional Information 4:	46cd283aaaa2b932fdb7e5f6d4e759d9

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