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What modifier key is used to navagte Bookmarks Folders

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Bookmarks can be navigated using keyboard letter keys.

How to do the same for bookmarks folders, using keyboard letter keys ?

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Why are you using that ancient version of Firefox?

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Because it is the best gui i have seen with firefox. Because no present firefox has this layout to use. Because the current firefox layout, i cannot adjust to how my current layout is (flexible space that doesn't stretch) and more. Because current firefox didn't appeal to me.

v1.5.0.12 i will use until there is a time firefox lets users use any of old gui skins. There is only one i know that is near this build, alas that is nothing similar to this skin. When firefox get rid of the bugs.

TBH i am disapointed as to why firefox ultra old bugs have yet never been fixed. That is scary, any bug past xx months should be high priority. Those serious bugs about which i have read about around the web.

I am well used to this skin, simple straight forward and uncluttered.

In this http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/3421/firefoxv15012.png screenshot you see the goolge bar, how far right it is and small. I resized it to like that using a flexible space, which isn't possible in current firefox. Notice the beautiful icons i have, those are not available for firefox anywhere except in the early versions (prob v1.5.0.10 > v2.0 ?)