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Firefox Address Bar Goes to Bing

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When typing into the address bar everything goes to bing search now. I have done everything from changing keyword.url to starting in safe mode to completely uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Nothing works and it always goes back to a bing search whenever I type anything in.

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hijack firefox

solved by uninstalling this update. kb982381

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MS did install that add-on from the OS, but it can be disabled, removed, you can download search engines and use multiple ones all the time.. its so easy to select another from the drop down or install them from the addons site when you go to Manage Search Engines in the search bar.

Also just change your search engine in Firefox to what ever you want.. please do your homework and stop blaming everything on Firefox lots of the problems are 3rd party and extensions conflicting with Firefox. There are lots of KB articles and support here even may users seeking help here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=49

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@cuz84d We've already tried uninstalling the update, and I've tried a few other things. The flushing the dns and everything seems to work even though bing still comes back every now and then. Does anyone have any idea on what scale this is happening? Because it seems to only be effecting a few people.

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Hello Anonymous namend "H", take this, WORK´s INSTANTLY! Install Firefox-AddOn "NoRedirect" (https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/), then make a new regexp pattern "http://www.bing.com/search?" and ONLY click/check "dns error", not "allow" or "source".

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Hello everyone, Vu is right: www.bing.com is the same like www.mshome.net. It has nothing to do with the browser. Try it: Put mshome.net into the adressbar and you will get bing.com!!!! So you can do what Vu discribed here or took the firefox-addon "noredirect"! Best Didi

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I was able to solve the Bing problem by going to "Tools", "Add-ons", "Extensions", then down to "Search Toolbar". I uninstalled the "Search Toolbar" and restarted Firefox. Problem solved! At least for now!

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I had trouble finding this post answer but follow theses directions exactly and it will fix it...Type “about:config” in firefox address bar and type “keyword.url”. Right click and choose modify and type "http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q="

Without ""

not my work i just put a note here cause its hard to find

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In the drop-down menu for Firefox I went to Tools > Add-ons and clicked "Uninstall" for "Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant". Then I clicked restart Firefox. When Firefox came up the problem was solved.

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I did this, too and it worked for a day. Then the problem returned. Then the addon reappeared and "uninstall" was gray. I could only "enable/disable." I "disabled", restarted FF but the problem was still there and the addon said it was disabled.

I checked other entries dealing with this same problem and someone named Tony suggested typing "about:config" (without quotes) in the URL bar. Accept the warning. In the Filter bar type "keyword" (without quotes). Right click on keyword.url, click reset. Close FF. My problem was solved ... for today, at least.

Microsoft is acting in an invasive, insipid manner. I am going MAC next computer.

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If you have already uninstalled the Search Assistant and you are still having this problem, go to about:config and change the keyword.URL value to:


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The problem that bing has been added to the location bar and any address that can't be resolved automatically goes to a bing search. These people aren't idiots.

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I have this same problem on a Mac. I tried the aboutconfig and keywordURL thing. Single OR multiple word entries into the URL window results in a Bing search. Is there a separate thread for Mac users? I'm prepared to changes browsers if this persists, simply out of principle. Microsoft should not be so underhanded in getting us to use their products!

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I captured with screen grabber the moment and could see the addresses of the sites that do redirection. Then I added them to my firewall. the problem with redirection is gone now for me. it is : search-goal.net and as the keyword "eetwbthmeis" Good luck

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I have tried everything I can find pertaining to this:

1) Removing Update KB982381 2) Verify Search Engine isn't listed in both Firefox & IE (control panel) 3) Performed; About:config keyword.url fixes, and searched all of Firefox registry for bing (no entires - all reset to default)

I have spent many hours trying to fix this hijacking of Firefox 12 Location Bar.

Please email JohnM fastad.com if you are starting or are aware of a Class Action Suit I can join !

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