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Firefox Address Bar Goes to Bing

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When typing into the address bar everything goes to bing search now. I have done everything from changing keyword.url to starting in safe mode to completely uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Nothing works and it always goes back to a bing search whenever I type anything in.

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hijack firefox

solved by uninstalling this update. kb982381

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I have the exact same problem. It's driving me crazy.

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yea same. this is really annoying me.

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I have the same problem. I have checked the keyword.url, and it is set to google. My address bar searches still have Bing results. Even in safe mode Bing is taking over my searches. This is incredibly frustrating.

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Same. Bing is absolute crap. I will switch to Chrome within the week if this shit doesn't get cleared up PRONTO.

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Change Firefox’s address bar search from bing to the default settings in order to bring you to the page you ask if there is domain registered for that keyword, even if you don't write http://, www. or .com.

Type “about:config” in firefox address bar and type “keyword.url”. Right click and choose modify and type "http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q="

Without ""

Thanks God I fixed it. It was really annoying, frustrating! Hope it will work for you too guys or other people that will have this stupid issue, hijacking from bing.

Credits goes to:

Ref: http://pcproblems.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/firefox-addressbar-search-hijacked-by-microsoft-bing/

Thanks also to PakNik, Ravikumar Vasudevan, peter (Y)!

Cheers ;) eWin

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I have the exact same problem even after setting the keyword.URL back to default. I am confident its not my ISP as others on the network dont have the same problem. My anti virus and malware check are all clean.


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Same thing happening for me. Changing keyword.URL line to anything, not just Google searches, still defaults to Bing.

This behavior only started after I installed the latest group of updates from Windows update for Win7 64-bit that went out on the 8th.

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Same theory as Mark. I'm sure it's not keyword.url nor my ISP's DNS.

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Do you have a Microsoft offered toolbar installed (i.e., Windows Live Toolbar, Bing Toolbar, etc.)? Do you have one of those installed in IE but not in Firefox?

~~blue:Microsoft pulled another sneaky, un-annouced addition to Firefox~~ similar to the .NET Framework added to Firefox some time ago. If you have a Microsoft offered toolbar in IE ~~red:but not previously installed~~ in Firefox, an update in the June 2010 Windows/Microsoft Updates ~~blue:added it to Firefox!!!~~ Read the following ~~red:very~~ carefully, ~~red:all the way to the end of the article~~:


Also see: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1918559

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same problem here.

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Same problem, changed keyword.url and still goes to bing, even when I use safe mode. I don't see the "Search Helper" mentioned in TXGuy's links anywhere in my addons either.

Please fix this quickly. Bing doesn't understand foreign encodings like Google does.

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Nick said: I don't see the "Search Helper" mentioned in TXGuy's links anywhere in my addons either.

In the Ars Technia article, FIFTH PARAGRAPH, THIRD SENTENCE:

Both seem to be installed in ~~red:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\Search Helper\~~." Inside, there is a file called "SEPsearchhelperie.dll" that is responsible for the IE add-on ~~red:and a "firefoxextension" folder responsible for Firefox~~. The update can't be uninstalled, but ~~red:deleting these files works just fine~~.

Did you look there?

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There isn't a "Microsoft" folder in my Program files. There's things like "Microsoft Office" and "Microsoft Visual Studio", but no straight up "Microsoft". I also searched for things like "Enhancement" and "Search" in my program files, and am currently searching my entire C: drive, but nothing like "Enhancement Pack" or anything is showing up.

Maybe I have something different?

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Same problem here but it started 2 days ago? I also don't have that folder in my Program files? Is it something else that's doing this?

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Keyword searches are being redirected to bing, but

Keyword.url is set to a google search url

The Microsoft toolbar hasn't! been installed on my machine (ie no directory in program files as mentioned above. No entry in the program updates history either

Also couldn't find any instances of the string "bing" in the registry.

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Yup, running into the same problem here with keyword searches being redirected to bing.

I've played around with changing Keyword.url to no effect and can't find the search helper toolbar in add-ons or in program files.

On a stranger note, simple, one word queries are sent to bing while multi-worded entries are handled properly. Also, the problem seemed to be resolved for me a little while ago, with all address bar searches being directed to google. However, upon restarting firefox, it was bing.com again.

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Uninstalling KB982381 solved it for me. I have no idea what it does except hijacking the search: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms10-035.mspx

Let's hope MS will release a proper update next time

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