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Recently sycronized Firefox to Propel Dial Up Accelerator and now Firefox will not allow www.yahoo.com to load as my homepage even though yahoo.com is properly set as the homepage and we had no problems before.

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We recently moved from to an area where we can only get dial up. We purchased Propel Dial Up Accelerator and synchronized it with Firefox. Now Firefox fails to display our yahoo home page as it always did before. Once the page is finished loading we get just a blank page even though yahoo.com shows in the address bar. We cannot get to yahoo.com by any means. We have had to bookmark yahoo news page as only way to get any part of yahoo. We can access our email by going to mail.yahoo.com and signing in there. We have lost all access to our yahoo home page

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I have the same problem on a MAC. Mine is the Verizon Yahoo home page. Have to use Safari. I hope it will come back when I return to broadband.

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