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Firefox Causes "BLUE SCREEN CRASH"

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Hello There. To my utter dismay I am forced to use Chrome to access this forum. The reason is the moment I use Firefox (3) my computer crashes and I get the dreaded windows blue screen. I have been using ff for a long time now without problems. Yesterday I updated adobe flash player, but have now uninstalled flash player in the hope that the problem is resolved. No luck. I can use my computer in normal manner without problems, but the moment I use ff it crashes

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I have the exact same problem. I have been a firefox 3.6.3 user for many years. This seems to be caused by the Adobe Flash player update. I can play youtube videos and flash audio for awhile but all of a sudden my computer blue screens. I am using XP Pro SP3 and Firefox 3.6.3.

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Can you give me the crash report ID from Firfox when it crashes? It is located at Start--Type in "%APPDATA%" without quotes, click on the Roaming folder then go to Mozilla/Firefox/Crash Reports/Submitted.

Paste the .txt files here.

Thanks, Moses Firefox Support

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Aaron S,

Please start a new thread so we may see your Firefox information

Thanks, Moses Firefox Support

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Hello Moses I have several files in the submitted folder, but the dates are quite old. The latest is for about one week ago. Even though my comp crashed two hours ago I cannot see a crash report for today. Jan

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Can you still give me the most recent one from last year or two years ago or whenever the last crash was?

Thanks Moses Firefox Support

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If Windows crashes and shows a BSOD then that would indicate a problem with a system driver or a service (e.g. Firewall or Anti-virus software) that is not compatible with Firefox.

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Sorry Jan,

cor-el is right. It is probably a system error with Windows.

Im sorry I gave you incorrect information :(

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Hello Guys I can do anything on my computer, work on it for hours without any problems. As soon as I start using Firefox, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a minute or so my computer will crash. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN USING FIREFOX. As said before I have always used Firefox, and hate using anything else. Now forced to use alternate browser.

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Multiple BSOD's the past few weeks on my Vista PC, each reporting different problems (memory, drivers, etc.), but the components always checkout as okay, and the BSOD's only happen when I'm using Firefox (3.6.x)

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Được chỉnh sửa bởi cor-el vào

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I have this problem too, just installed Windows 7 Home Premium x64 two days ago. Yesterday I did a massive windows update and I believe the BSODs started after that. I've isolated it down to Firefox, partly because I had a similar problem with Vista x64 prior to the Win 7 upgrade and had removed Firefox from the machine completely w/o giving it too much thought.

Last night I found a way that 100% crashes windows within 5 mins, 5 times in a row, open firefox, open certain tabs and just wait. BSOD.

Note I also use Thunderbird but that doesn't seam to crash windows.

I found two separate threads on other forums suggesting this might have something to do with fonts. Not sure why Firefox is the only application suffering from it though. So from another thread following steps were suggested that are shown below, I haven't tried these. Another user on a different forum suggested running windows repair and through that somehow fixing the fonts. I'll report later if this issue helps solve the problem.

  1. this may seem random, but might be worth a shot... i think this problem
often occurs because of registry errors with the fonts... this solution fixes 

that. if you browse to windows/fonts and immediately get a blue screen, then the fonts are your problem

  2. first try going to control panel > fonts >font settings (on left) > restore 

default fonts

  3. if you can't access fonts in the control panel then try this...  in explorer go 

here: \\%COMPUTERNAME%\C$\Windows\Fonts (replacing %computername% with your computername).

  4. then hit ctrl+a to select all the fonts.
  5. once they're all selected right click and select "install".
  6. when the dialogue box pops up saying that "[such and such] font is 

already installed, would you like to reinstall it?" click the box for "do this for all current items", and hit "yes"

  7. reboot  (just for grins), and you should be good to go

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Niva. vào

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Hey guys the above workaround (first 2 steps) seems to have alleviated the firefox crashing for now. Computer would crash within 5 mins of usage last night and now been running firefox for 5 hours without crash. Hope it helps others.

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Just want to say this is not just a Windows issue. I run Mac OS X 10.5.8 on a new MacBook with Intel processors. I just got the blue screen of death on every tab I had running on FF. There were 6 tabs open.

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Crash ID: bp-049868f2-f4c9-4fed-a1fe-ef57c2100604

I am using widows vista and the latest version of firefox. Tried reinstalling version 4 with no change. I have also tried uninstalling adobe flash player, starting in safemode, etc. no luck.

IE & chrome not affercted. Everytime I try to start firefox I get a BSOD.

I have been using firefox for years.

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I also have this problem and daren't continue using Firefox until Mozilla sorts it out. I am having to use the horrid Windows Explorer in the meantime. I really liked Firefox 4. However, though it works OK for long periods, every so often I am moving around the screen with my mouse and I get a blue screen. Then it happened when I was watching a video stream and had just paused it. Again using the mouse. I am not getting blue screen problems when navigated to any other program.


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I'm having the same problem as other users on here I've returned to using SeaMonkey which I also like but I must admit I was enjoying giving Firefox a test run & who know I may go back to using If this problem can be fixed.

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I having same problem. My computer crashes when i use Flash on YouTube.

FF4 Windows XP

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Noisivit vào

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a previous Mouse Movements post is interesting to me.

For me, I've noticed that after having FF4 open for a while (sometimes short period, sometimes long), the mouse inexplicably starts jerking when I move it around the screen, like there is delay in the mouse movement. Very annoying. Usually with another 5 to 10 mins...bang... blue screen.

Since I installed FF4, it's probably happened to me 3x a week. My laptop very rarely bluescreen'd before FF4

When it does happen, I go back to IE for the rest of the day. But like a gluton for punishment, I keep coming back to FF cos it's so much better .... then bluescreen again :-(

FF4 WinXP2

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I can't help but to wonder if it is the Adobe Flash Player 10 causing the problem. The BSOD message shows up on my computer whether I am running FF or IE. When I uninstalled the flash player, problem is gone, but so is the flash player. . .


Được chỉnh sửa bởi Pauldt vào

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Me too ... 5 BSOD's since getting my new laptop three days ago and the 1 common detail is Ffox 4 was running. My laptop is an hp g7 phenom II with 64-bit Windows 7. I'm suspicious of the Adobe 10 update. When I got the ActiveX 64-bit version for IE it totally ruined IE and had to be uninstalled (after which it worked ok, for some reason), and that makes me wonder if the version in my FF is bad too. Just dl'd v.3 and am going to give it a try. I warn you though, Mozilla, I'm getting awfully used to Chrome!

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