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Removinf F7 function

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I don't use the caret bousing and since I don't know what affect the F7 kay has on other programs I would like to remove that function from Firefox. Can that be done?

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Hi MartyA,

If you mean Private Browsing, there is not a way to disable it. Sorry

Thanks Moses Firefox Support

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You can update to Firefox 3.6. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/all.html

In Firefox 3.6 and newer versions you can disable the F7 shortcut that toggles caret browsing by setting the pref accessibility.browsewithcaret_shortcut.enabled to false on the about:config page.

To open the about:config page, type about:config in the location (address) bar and press the Enter key, just like you type the url of a website to open a website. If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access that page.

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I updated to 3.6. (when 3.0 Firefox said that I was up to date.) I type in "about:config page, type about:config " and in the address box appeared "accessibility.browsewithcaret_shortcut.enabled to:true"

-I changed true to false but then what? -Now I can't duplicate what I did.

Scratch that. I tried again and this time it came back with false. I don't know what is going on but now I have the latest version and with your help I may have even accomplished what I wanted to