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Location Bar will not accept a typed abbreviated address.

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Whether URI suggestions is on or off, the address bar will not accept more than the first letter or two (without focusing off then on) when typing anything but the FULL URI like "http://www.etc.etc", or preceding the abbreviated address with an "@", such as "@about:blank" or "@fairfax-burkesc.org". I think this is a true bug. I haven't yet disabled the Firebug extensions.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Several editions ago

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Hello Walter.

What you mean to say is that the "awesome bar" is functioning as the old location bar in terms of url suggestions, right?

If that's the case, is it possible that you have some extension installed that's causing this behavior?

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Wait, never mind that "about:support" part (I deleted it from the previous post), you already gave the info needed.

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You do have a phenomenal list of installed extensions. And I though had many (70)!!!

In any case, try running Firefox in safe mode to disable them all, to check if it's them that's causing the issue. Tracking down which one it is is going to be a pain in the ass, but if safe mode does it, that's what you'll need to do. Simply enable half of them, see which half causes the problem, enable half of that half, see which half of that half causes the problem, and so on and so on. That should take less time than enabling one at a time.