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Firefox 3.6.3 does not save any history, does not save passwords. I have read the forum and checked my settings (ok), started in Safe mode (still does not work).

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Firefox 3.6.3 does not save history, nor passwords. I have read the forum and checked my settings in Privacy (all ok), I restarted Firefox in Safe mode (it still does not remember history or passwords). Running on XP. I think these problems started when I upgraded to 3.6.3.

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I did the same thing (new full install) and it did not work.

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I ran the install over my old install. I did not uninstall first.

Did you Uninstall?

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I downloaded a new install of Firefox as well.

I did not uninstall Firefox from my computer first.

The problem of not remembering passwords remains.

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I copied my profile folder to another location.

I uninstalled Firefox. I did not select 'Remove my Firefox personal data'

I downloaded a new Firefox.

Problem remains no history, no passwords. cookies do work.

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I also have a problem with cookies on FF 3.6.3. Passwords in password manager work, but cookies are not installed. And yes I have already checked and tried all that has been suggested by cor-el.

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I was also having really slow loading of Firefox, 2 min. I searched around the forum and tried various things. I created a new profile with the Profile Manager. When in there I noticed that there were two other Profiles in there: Default and April 2010 User. I messed around in the Test Profile with Add-ons etc. Improved the loading time by deleting and disabling them. I opened Firefox using the different Profiles and found my passwords and history were remembered in both the Test profile and the default profile but NOT in the April 2010 user profile. I have no idea where the April 2010 User profile came from. I deleted the Test profile and the April 2010 User profile. Now Firefox loads (using the default profile) in about 20 seconds, it remembers my passwords and history. Problem solved.

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Firefox hasn't been saving my history and when I click the History Icon or tab, it opens this search box, and also has an option to "View" by site, date, or last visited. It doesn't save any passwords or email, on command. I tried updating it to see if it would change but I have the most updated Firefox so that isn't an option until a new one comes out. I don't want to downgrade my Firefox or uninstall and then reinstall because I have a lot of bookmarks and etc. Help?! If you have any solutions to my problem, feel free to contact me directly to my email address; Unangelsufrido@aol.com. Thank you.

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