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A bar of some kind shows on my Firefox - it goes straight across under the address bar. In the middle is something that looks like binoculars. It sppears to do nothing. How can I delete this?

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This bat just appeared one day. I don't know if it came from an email with a link I accessed or where it came from. It appears to do nothing. The little icon sits in the centre with arrows on each end - which moves the bar barely at all. No response when I click on it.

This happened

Not sure how often

== about a week or so ago

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This might be a toolbar added by an add-on.

When you go to the "View" menu, then "Toolbars", is anything in the list that seems out of place? For example, I have: "Navigation Toolbar", "Bookmarks Toolbar".

Try switching it off if there's something else in there. If that fixes the problem, go to "Tools" -> "Addons" and uninstall the add-on in question.

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Under Toolbars I have something called a browing protection toolbar. It does not ave a checkmark - does that mean it is not active? I think this comes from an email account since it appears to show up after I link through an eamil. I have not pinpointed which email yet. Thanks Mary Ann