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how do we enable java script in firefox or how do we download songs n videos from you tube.?

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i wanted to download a video from you tube..bt not able to do so.can any1 help me..

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Tools->Options->Content->Enable JavaScript

This extension should help you to save video from YouTube:


And there are others:

Download from YouTube

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I'm trying to go onto www.ukchatterbox.co.uk and it keeps saying: unable to connect : java.net.ConnectException : Connection timed out: connect

I have checked and Java is enabled in both firefox and explorer. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi, I get the same response as the above person. I have been trying to chat here www.chat-buddy.com but this is what i get: unable to connect : java.net.ConnectException : Connection timed out: connect

If someone can help i will be very grateful

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Most likely, a network issue. Try to go to the sites later, to open them on another computer, or in another browser.

Maybe, the site is down. Or maybe, you need to update Java.