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When cursor hovers over any icon on toolbars, it highlights icons differently then it used to.

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It just started recently. I disabled all plugins but it still didn't fix it. I also tried reseting my preferences and using safe mode, but it still didn't fix it. I've opened firefox on other users on my computer and there's no problem with them. When i put my cursor over any icon on my toolbar, menu bar included, it used to just appear as rounded edge rectangle highlighting the icon. but now it's a white lined not rounded rectangle. I just like the way it used to look. now it just makes firefox seem like an older version

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From your descripition, it seems that an add-on may me causing your issue. Follow the steps at Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems to test whether your extensions are causing this behavior. (I'd recommend disabling MultirowBookmarksToolbar first, since it is designed to change toolbar behavior)

Reply back here with the results.

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Yeah. i tried disabling all of my add ons, clearing my cache, resetting my firefox preferences, running firefox in safe mode, and disabling all my extensions, but nothing seems to be helping =/ I'm tempted to just uninstall firefox completely and just reinstall it, but i'm afraid i'll lose all my data from this account. But it might help if i detail the problem a bit more. To be exact, before this started happening, whenever i had my cursor over the icon, or menu tab, it used to appear like that icon was raised higher than the others, if you know what i mean, and blended in with my surroundings. now i just get a that white rectangle, with the icon not being raised up, and if the icon unhides it's label when the cursor is over it, the font is a bit bigger than the toolbar, and it moves all the other toolbars bellow it down. i've tried disabling individual toolbars, and even all of them, but it still didn't fix the problem, cause i still get the same issue with my status bar. hope i didn't bore you with all my writing. lol