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The newest Firefox won't allow the Firefox plugin, inline Windows media wma files to play

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The newest Firefox won't allow the inline Windows media file .wma, and Firefox plugin, to play. Previously, it played every time.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I installed the latest Firefox

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Here's what it looks like

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Here's what it looks like in IE.

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You have the old version of the windows media plugin in Firefox. To upgrade this, visit Mozilla's plugin check page: http://www.mozilla.com/plugincheck/

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Try the VLC player with the plugin from:


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Unable to detect the Microsoft DRM or Windows Medial Player plugins from the link above. [Ron, I've had VLC for a long time now and installed the latest update May1.]

I have Full K-Lite codex, Registry Patrol, avast, ad-aware et al, CCleaner, and when through all of them before responding to the suggested fix.

I just installed the latest Opera and wma's work from there as well as IE. Opera seems to have a HUGE screen window. Seems great for webcasting....

I also had some problems with the back button on the latest Firefox.

Thank you for your assistance. I've had Firefox for many years now.

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Make sure the Windows Media plugin for Firefox is enabled in tools->add-ons->plugins. The older "npdsply" plugin should be disabled in the same window.

Note that the button says "Enable" when the plugin is disabled and "Disable" when the plugin is enabled.

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I had this problem too and I finally solved it by disabling RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin. Now it's OK.