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I can not access yuku.com - timeout error, all other sites work fine

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can not acces this site - all other sites work fine - only last 2 days

URL of affected sites


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Does this happen only on Firefox or on other browsers as well?

Also, here's a nifty site to see if "it's just for you" when a site is down: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/

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I only use firefox.

I also use firefox at home and i do not have an issue

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Since you're using Windows XP, it's likely you have Internet Explorer too. Try using it and see if it works (that's what I meant by the question, sorry for not being clear).

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I did not have Explorer any more - I just downloaded it.

can not connect with Explorer either

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Then it's probably one of the following: - your firewall is set to block access to the site (disable it or configure it accordingly to see if it fixes the issue); - your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking the site for some unknown reason (contact them for more help); - your router is causing an issue with the site, for whatever reason, although I can't see this being likely at all.

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Just getting White pages since their latest update