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Lost all my Bookmarks Updating to Firefox 103.0.2 Windows 7

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Firefox Downloaded version 103.0.2 and Lost all my Bookmarks, Using Windows 7.

Firefox Downloaded version 103.0.2 and Lost all my Bookmarks, Using Windows 7.

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The Firefox browser will back up your bookmarks automatically. And up to 15 backups will be saved in the profile bookmarkbackups folder. You can use these backups to restore the lost or deleted bookmarks easily.

Also, you can back up the profile manually and recover bookmarks from the backups if you have any.

Firefox restore bookmarks from backups:

Click on the Application Menu button in the upper right corner. Select Bookmarks from the menu you see. Click Manage bookmarks at the bottom of the Bookmarks window. Click Import and Backup from the menu bar at the top of the Library window. The automatic backups with date information will be listed. Please choose one. Also, you can click Choose File if you’re like to restore bookmarks from a manual backup. Confirm your choice and wait for the process to finish.

Regards, Rachel Gomez