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Cannot stream verizon tv on pc after recent firefox updates

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When I try to launch Verizon TV on my computer, all I see is a red spinning circle. This started happening two or 3 days ago after a firefox update. I was hoping that today's update would fix this but it did not.

As suggested, I un-checked the DRM Content box but that did not resolve the issue. Nor did disabling the Widevine plug-in. When I did that, I receive the message, "You must enable DRM to play some audio or video on this page.. When I click the Enable DRM button, I see the same spinning red circle.

Since I have no issues watching Verizon TV on Chrome, this appears to be a Firefox/Widevine issue. Hopefully, it will be resolved shortly.

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Make sure you have the latest Widevine version (4.10.2391.0).

  • Tools -> Add-ons -> Plugins

You can toggle DRM off/on to see if that makes Firefox (re)load DRM components.

You can possibly check the XHR requests in the Browser Console if this doesn't work.

If you use extensions ("3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions) that can block content (Adblock Plus, NoScript, DuckDuckGo PE, Disconnect, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin) always make sure such extensions do not block content.

Firefox shows a purple shield instead of a gray shield at the left end of the location/address bar in case Enhanced Tracking Protection is blocking content. You can click shield icon for more detail and possibly disable the protection. You can check the Web Console for relevant-looking messages about blocked content.

You can try these steps in case of issues with webpages:

You can reload webpage(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.

  • hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button
  • press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
  • press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac)

Clear the Cache and remove the Cookies for websites that cause problems via the "3-bar" Firefox menu button (Settings).

"Remove the Cookies" for websites that cause problems:

  • Settings -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data: "Manage Data"

"Clear the Cache":

  • Settings -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data -> [X] Cached Web Content -> Clear

Start Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode to check if one of the extensions ("3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions) or if hardware acceleration or userChrome.css is causing the problem.

  • switch to the DEFAULT theme: "3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Themes
  • do NOT click the "Refresh Firefox" button on the Troubleshoot Mode start window

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Thank you very much for the quick response. Unfortunately, I tried these steps and am still staring at the red spinning circle on verizon as it attempts to stream TV. I will give it one more shot later today. If I cannot fix it, then I will switch over to Chrome until this is resolved.

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There is a change in Firefox 96 related to cookies and insecure sites.

See also:

As a workaround for now you can modify this pref on the about:config page to revert this change.

  • about:config => network.cookie.sameSite.laxByDefault = false

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can accept the warning and click "I accept the risk!" to continue.

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Thank you for the response. I am using the most recent versions of Firefox and Widevine. I have followed the recommended steps, including but not limited to toggling the DRM button on and off, cleared the cache, restarted Firefox in troubleshooting mode and still see a red spinning circle.

Unfortunately, I do not have more time to allocate to this issue and will just use Chrome to stream Verizon.

Thanks again for your time and suggestions.

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