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Can't use my other email address to make a new account

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I installed Firefox at work and set my personal email address as secondary to my business address. Well, I liked Firefox so much that I decided to use it at work and at home - and I removed my personal email from my business account.

Unfortunately Firefox is still recognizing my personal email as the secondary address for my business account and I am completely incapable of making a new account. My bookmarks and saved passwords are all different between home and work. I NEED two individual accounts, just like how I was using my browsers with Chrome.

How can I convince Firefox that my personal email is free and available so that I can make a new account with it??

Thank you for your help!

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If you are talking about using sync, if you want more than one sync account, each must have its own e-mail address. The address is used as part of the encryption. Changing it will remove all data from the servers.

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Hi FredMcD,

Thanks for your response - If you can, I do need more help.

To clarify, I am using two different emails to create my accounts. The problem is that my personal account needs to use an email address that was previously the Secondary Email on my business account. I removed that email from my business account, but Firefox still recognizes it as the Secondary Email and won't let me use it to create a new account.

How I can completely remove my personal email from my business account so that Firefox doesn't recognize it anymore?

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You can consider to remove/delete the current account to see if that makes both email addresses available for creating two new accounts.

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@cor-el, if i were to follow your advice and delete this account, I would lose access to this question thread. And if it did not work, or destroyed my ability to use BOTH email addresses, then I'd be locked out of Firefox entirely.

As an update, I have set an alternate business email address as the Secondary Email on my business account, however Firefox still believes that my personal email is the Secondary and I still can't use it to make a new account. It's starting to look like I'll have to limit my use of Firefox or just go back to Chrome.

It's weird that a feature so basic as email address management is out of range for a major browser. If anyone has any further advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

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