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Checking for Updates Bug with Firefox

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Hi can somebody help me please? Sitting here on Christmas Eve at work trying to fix Firefox.

In a nutshell I have a really really annoying bug with Firefox which is going to cause me to pull all my hair out.

In the past the program used to check for updates and it used to work fine during this procedure.

Lately though I've been experiencing a really strange bug.

Whenever Firefox checks for updates the browser then cannot load a single webpage or anything while it is checking. Sometimes the checks can take around 3-5 minutes to complete.

Any videos or streams come to an eventual halt.

I have tried tweak a few settings in about:config such as app.update.interval

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the browser - No change. This still happens usually about 5-8 times a day.

This computer is used for medical emergencies for our clients. We need a full functioning browser. I thought Firefox was that browser but I am beginning to think about installing something else now.

In these situations lives could be put at risk and I want to remedy this problem now before the new year. I imagine we will have a lot of patients coming in. I need to quickly submit forms at times and I really need a stable browser.

a) Can I turn off updates? I would prefer to check manually for updates once a week or so via Help -> About b) Can I reduce the frequency of the checks for updates? c) Is this going to be a normal feature for Firefox from now on?

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SFC did find and fix some problems on the system but the issue with Firefox is still present.

Troubleshooting mode does not work at all during the outages. When I click on Help -> Troubleshoot mode the browser closes but does not re-open.

Here are the things I have tried so far;

  • Tried 5 clean re-installs of Firefox.
  • Scanned for viruses/malware.
  • Disabled security programs temporarily.
  • Installed Firefox ESR to test if outages occur.
  • Disabled Updating in Firefox, as an experiment.
  • Ran SFC /checknow
  • Ran chkdsk
  • Disabled IPV6

Since the other web browsers and programs on my system can use the internet perfectly fine when these outages occur I still strongly believe the problem resides with Firefox.

I am still not sure if this is a random occurrence or not. Sometimes it would happen every hour, other times it only occurs 3 times a day.

The outages do not seem to last as long with Firefox ESR which puzzles me.

I'm completely at a loss, I am not sure what to try next. Eventually I'll get around to formatting the system but it's frustrating to do that just for one program.

What I find most puzzling is why Firefox cannot connect to my localhost - during these outages.

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As per Reloadx23 I just got this error and hour ago, exact parameters as stated... The Browser can NOT connect to ANYTHING!!! No Internet, No Network Resources, No Local (including localhost router own address)

Even exact circumstance was watching youtube for a little while and EXACTLY 5 minutes into a new youtube video. It stopped, after that any attempt to log into any page is halted, restarting Firefox or rebooting the computer will now result in the application not even connecting to anything.

Checking for Updates is spinning its wheels, despite it being the latest update 96.0 (64 bit) I don't think the Checking for Updates is the cause, its a symptomn that the browser will No Longer Connect to Anything.

Closing, restarting, uninstalling recent updates (both Windows and Firefox) have done nothing. Closing the program will not completely end its processes, and its running in the background.

No other web application/browser is effected. My Firefox is now unable to connect to anything, I don't have a clue how to resolve this.

UPDATE!!! Left it for a while, and it cleared itself eventually (not sure of time frame)... don't know what is causing Firefox to stall like that, something has to be timing out to eventually give us back our browser... only for a limited time.

I really don't want to be trying to rebuild another Browser to my config, how do I fix and keep Firefox? Please?

Được chỉnh sửa bởi matthew.wilkins vào

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I'm glad you were able to get your problem resolved Mathew.

I concluded my issue was to do with the infamous FoxStuck bug which numerous people have been complaining about.

I updated to Firefox 96.0.2 and it was fine for a few days. However today the problem has returned again with vengeance.

The FoxStuck bug is still present.

Today a patient had to wait an additional 10 minutes because I could not access their data. He ironically had the same bug at home and we both concluded that we should be using a different browser.

The outages are worse than before. The only solution at this point is to move on and stop using Mozilla products.

I would switch to Firefox ESR but I noticed FoxStuck is still an issue in the ESR version.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi reloadedx23 vào

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The problem did go away once FoxStuck was resolved. However the exact same problem has started again since the last update.

If I close Firefox it seems to get stuck in a loop where the browser cannot properly close itself. If I close every instance in Task Manager the browser still refuses to close properly.

Signing out and back into the Windows account does nothing.

I just want a browser that works.

Meanwhile, Chrome, Brave, and every single other browser connect to the internet just fine.

Firefox seems to drop out for 5 minutes every 2-3 hours and refuses to connect to any address.

It will not even connect to the local host.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi reloadedx23 vào

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I'm currently using the ESR version of Firefox 91.8.0esr (64-bit) and the problem has still been occuring.

This issue happens on my home computer, and on the work computer. Both of which use different profiles and different addons.

Things I have tried.

  • Troubleshooting Mode
  • SFC Check
  • Virus / Malware scan
  • Disabled all Firefox addons
  • Disabled updating and telemtery
  • Windows Safe mode with networking support
  • Reinstalled Firefox several times

Currently the issue is occuring between 5 - 10 times a day. It always drops out for minimum of 120 seconds.

Firefox will not even connect to the local host ( - Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi all work perfectly fine.

The issue occurs with all flavours of Firefox, the standard edition and the ESR.

Nobody has been able to help so I can only conclude there as a serious bug which still has not been remedied.

I wish I could find a log file or something. Are there any logs which I can check to ascertain what's going wrong?

I'm almost at my wits end. Today a cancer patient walked out of the surgery because I could not load his records.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi reloadedx23 vào

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