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Secure Connection Failed

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Why does this url fail? This is not the first url I have had that failed using Firefox but works on Edge and IE. Most that fail seams to be political. Is there any censuring being done on Firefox? Thank You Jack http://email.mg.politicalanimalnews.com/c/eJx1UkuypCAQPE330uAnyqIX0zPx7gEIgoKAooCnH-cAE1EZWYvKXGTW9NG0p4y_7QcBBCEC9CGAUQe73-D7_WEMf9Gvgf582YsAP3cxOJut5I5v1nO3qXJ0Mvi3-UhAtOBgZJARhYiGnExcEQAA65Hoydt_CBgpGJ7VfUzO8YV_vdDPM3nncv2f9b8T_FOze-E_YkQjGd1y5orterfdlDRrMV7moBtbFoZaBrYnakyjvdKFdreJlCM9fAtLna661SKjkHp8QMLG-zCBW0mDoGGz3IHvT7frQTbeIgiTRGuRwaYSV3ZTmnOP8LKFxvIcms_nkNaIWEuIU4bBENmIZzIvlyl8OkIwx-odr5OqdBnykgW51aUppVwT4fXc1iNPJEonGyPcGbExiMuJTlOwI246bK2Xq9aWoGCGloKQyBHYkx6CNuSdUgEjQHt_7lVqeDfDcemXEj3WVhAI9K2ESmj3mfpbX2dcNzmTG07W3OMjYfeQU9NAOT7qeMYWQ1uTSn6UJceRmJYISlGz_EJUWfOU4IIfp2XRe3SKE-QW5j2WpR4eoQU5994_i7DCqedjhHLuCGc23abyO39qt-OAAuhgqrLbOIGmdBsTg4-dYWdZro4S3kjXKyR4d1X8F9fS6B0

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I use Firefox v54 as my default. When I used the link and ended up here; https://politicalanimalnews.com/shriek-inducing-new-allegations-about-tony-faucis-excruciating-experiments-may-finally-end-his-reign/?utm_source=pannl&utm_medium=ong&utm_campaign=1406361697

However, when I used the current Firefox 94.0.2 I got; Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to email.mg.politicalanimalnews.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP Your server apparently doesn't offer any cipher suites necessary to establish a secure https connection that are supported in Firefox. You can check what kind of cipher suites Firefox can make use of by visiting; https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html

Firefox will just show the SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP error when encountered any site using the RC4 cipher.

Note: The website may only work via HTTP and won't work if you force secure HTTPS. You may have to create an 'Off' exception if you use HTTPS-Only.