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Still waiting waiting waiting for FB Purity plug-in update to get approved

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Any idea why it is taking such a long time to get the updated version of FB Purity, 33.6 plug-in approved so that the end user (me) can download it? Firefox currently only recognizes 33.2. It is available for Edge and Chrome. I prefer not to get tangled with the other options. If I do, it's probably going to be to dump FF altogether.


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FB Purity has not been approved by Firefox for some time. I believe that the extension is just a pre set-up userscript injector. You can install a userscript injector (grease-, tamper-, violent- monkey) and use the script "for safari" to use FB Purity. I am not aware if settings will transfer.

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I have removed the add-on and installed the Greasemonkey script from the 'Install' page of the FB Purity website. You have to install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.

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According to the author he is waiting approval from the entity known as Firefox.

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Yes, for you to install permanent add-ons, they must be signed (as a safety feature)