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Non disappearing shortcut icon "WordPress"

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bold textCan't dismiss a WordPress short-cut icon from the list in search engine firefox, even after unpinning. I now have 3. I did it to the Amazon icon and it dissapeared immediately

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Hi, where does it show up? Some possibilities:

  • Pinned in the Shortcuts section of the new tab page
  • Listed (but not pinned) in the Shortcuts section of the new tab page
  • Displayed in the row of search icons when a drop-down appears below a search bar
  • Somewhere else

If you use that WordPress shortcut icon, where does it lead -- to the WordPress.com site, or someone's blog in particular?

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There were 3 WordPress icons. My WordPress site is not live yet. Each icon was labeled with a different location of my site builder and locations throughout the rest of the WP content, specifically the areas I was in.

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