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Unable to update Firefox via powershell with mar files

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I am attempting to automate firefox updates and I am attempting to follow the guide listed below: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Software_Update:Manually_Installing_a_MAR_file When I follow those steps the update.status file simply says "failed: 75". Does anybody know the meaning of this error code? Is there a resource out there that I could find which lists the meanings of other error codes? Or am I going about this the wrong way entirely, and there is some better solution for automating firefox updates? Any help is appreciated.

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Can you clarify what steps you used (i.e. full details) ?

You need these three files in the updates\0 folder to update Firefox via a MAR file:

  • update.mar (renamed update partial/complete.mar)
  • update.status: pending + linefeed (0x0A) (use this data URI: data:text/plain,pending%0A)
  • update.version: xx.xx.xx (version to update to, e.g. 79.0)

Firefox creates the updated folder with the new version when the downloaded update is ready to be applied to prepare for updating on the next start.

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Here is the script that I have been running:

cd "C:\" mkdir firefox_update cd firefox_update Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/93.0/update/win64/en-US/firefox-93.0.complete.mar -OutFile update.mar cp "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\updater.exe" .\ cp "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\updater.ini" .\ Write-Output pending`n > update.status Write-Output 93.0 > update.version .\updater.exe "C:\firefox_update\" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"

Before I was not creating the update.status and update.version, however the addition of those files still returns the same "failed: 75" error message in update.status.

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I did some experiments on Linux and placed the three files (update.mar, update.status, update.version) in the updates/0 folder like would happen if you update from within Firefox.

First experiment as I would expect: If I launch Firefox then Firefox installs the update.

Second experiment: Started the updater application in the Firefox installation folder with the three parameters, so I didn't copy the updater files, but started the updater files in the installation folder.

cd /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91
./updater /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91/updates/0 /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91 /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91

This also works with the three update files in another directory.

cd /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91
./updater /usr/local/mozilla/update /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91 /usr/local/mozilla/firefox-RE91

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