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Firefox doesn't load websites, reinstallation and %APPDATA% deletion didn't help

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I'm Windows user and Firefox stopped loading web pages one day. I tried to reinstall including %APPDATA% deletion but nothing helped. I also deleted the Mozilla directory in Program Files. No matter if I use default or no proxy.

I also tried to delete some Firefox items in Register with no success. I cannot disable the Windows Antivirus since it's a company laptop. Chrome and Edge work just fine.

Can you pls advise what could cause the issue?

Thank you.

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Does Firefox display an error message like server not found? If so, what does it display? Is anything in this article helpful: Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can.

If Firefox seems to be pretty much dead:

Have you see any messages related to missing VC Runtime files? That can cause Firefox to be mostly inoperable (tabs empty, address bar not functional). There's a dedicated page to get the latest installer for the shared VC Runtime files:


When I encountered a very similar problem, I downloaded and ran both the 32-bit and 64-bit installers in the first section of that article ("Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019"). Then I restarted Windows and all was normal again.

I don't know whether 64-bit users need the 32-bit install, but Windows didn't object when I ran it (I ran it first, then 64-bit second).

Not sure whether that will help you.

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The error message is: Unable to connect. I read the threat Firefox can't load .... but didn't help.

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Hữu ích?

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