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Been trying to make Firefox my Default Browser, but some sites just don't work...

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About a year ago, I tried switching from Chrome to use Firefox as my primary browser. I love many of the built in privacy features and Facebook Container, etc. But as I've been using Firefox, I've discovered sometimes things just stop working with no indication or errors explaining why.

Maybe SOLVED: I finished typing out this whole post and discovered the uBlock Origin extension is probably what has been causing all of this.

First I remember encountering oddities was with Gmail. My email was up, but refused to load messages. It seemed to think it couldn't connect to the server or something and just kept retrying ever 5 minutes. I thought my internet was out, but then discovered other sites worked, and Gmail worked fine in Chrome. Since then I've encountered numerous times where sites just don't work or don't respond in Firefox, and I have no idea why. Sometimes restarting the browser helps, but sometimes I close out of Firefox and can't launch it again because the system says it's still running.

Many times the only fix is to just use a different browser.

Just yesterday I ran into issues navigating FAFSA or Federal Student Aid (FSA) on https://studentaid.gov The site loads up and logging in to complete the FSA application works, but I can't click on any of the links in the dropdown menus across the top and those same links down at the bottom of the page don't work either. They just don't respond. If I open the site in Chrome, they work fine. The only button along the top that works in Firefox is the FSA Title that returns to the home page. The links down in the middle of the page seem to work as well, but the top and bottom navigation just don't respond. Well, they don't respond to left clicks. Hovering the mouse shoes the URL they point to, and I can right click on them. I just tried testing right clicking and using "Copy Link" to copy and paste the address and Firefox goes to the pages directly just fine. This one for example: https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/types But even on that page the links in the dropdown menus up top and the site navigation at the bottom still don't work.

While searching for help just now, I discovered Breakages due to Tracking Protection: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/report-breakage-due-blocking So I tried that, but that didn't fix the site.

Again, this isn't the only site I've encountered this issue, it happens all the time. Today when I encountered issues in my college's online bookstore I finally came to the conclusion that this happens often enough that I can't use Firefox as my default browser. The thought of having to abandon Firefox is extremely upsetting to me, so I'm reaching out to see if we can fix it before I have to swap back to Chrome.

Attached is a screenshot of my college online bookstore. After logging in, I should be able to search for my course materials through a series of filter selections based on the term, program, and course ID. But no matter how vigorously I click on the summer or fall term options, they just don't register that I'm clicking or selecting them.

What information can I provide to help you test this? I've also included screen shots of my Extensions... and that led to the discovery that uBlock Origin might be the culprit for all of this. ugh... Well, I guess I'll upload in case this helps anyone else.

Thank you.

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You should contact uBlock support and start asking questions.

Load the web page. After the page is loaded, click the AdBlock icon. Now select Disable on <website>. After, reload the page.

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