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FireFox not opening

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I haven't used my laptop in a while so when I booted up it had to get Win updates and FF updates, once done with those I tried to open FF but didn't get very far before I got a blank screen with this showing....

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: chrome://browser/content/browser.xhtml Line Number 759, Column 13:

           <toolbarbutton id="UITourTooltipClose" class="close-icon"

What this means is over my head.... help.

Thanks ahead of time..  :)

Win 10, Dell inspirion N5010

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This reference --

Location: chrome://browser/content/browser.xhtml

-- is to a file in an archive in the Firefox programs folder. It could be that that update did not properly clean out old files and you ended up with a bit of a mix.

You may want to re-run the Firefox installer, but first, it would be helpful to know which version of Firefox is trying to start so you can get the matching download.

If you open the following folder in the Windows 10 file explorer (it's one of these):

  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

then you can right-click on the firefox.exe file, click Properties, then click to the Details tab, and that should list the specific program version.

Which one is it?

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Screenshot of the dialog I'm thinking of:

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You usually get such a message because of a failed Firefox update that left you with a mixture of old and updated files in the Firefox program folder. This can happen in case security software was keeping a handle of some of the files in the Firefox program folder preventing Firefox from replacing all the files. You need to do a clean reinstall and remove the Firefox program folder to ensure that all files are replaced. You may have to disable security software temporarily in case the problem persists.

You can find the full installer of the current Firefox release (92.0) in all languages and all operating systems here:

Your personal data like bookmarks is stored in the Firefox profile folder, so you won't lose personal data when you reinstall or update Firefox, but make sure NOT to remove personal data when you uninstall Firefox as that will remove all Firefox profile folders and you lose your personal data.

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