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I own a small business. We do have online accounts from suppliers, vendors to customers. I need to put employees in front of customer support for these online accounts. However, if an employee sits down to work on our accounts, he can clearly see the passwords for the log in information of our accounts.

Is there a way to lock the Firefox or any other browser (or any software or ANYTHING) out there that doesn't expose saved passwords? I don't know how to pass this security issue. The reason it's important is because if employee saves these passwords, he can obviously do bad things when he is not in the office.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Hey there!

Please see the link below for a feature you can use to prevent saved passwords from being seen:


But do note, this feature is only supported on Windows and macOS 10.12+. It is not designed to protect against sophisticated attackers who have local access to your computer.

And you can use a primary password to protect stored logins:


Also see the link below from a person with a similar issue to yours:


Hope I helped!

Kind regards,


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I don't think that you can prevent exposing the passwords if you intend others to use the stored passwords to login, possibly via auto-fill, and use the Primary Password to lock the passwords. You can disable the eye reveal button on the Lockwise page via a policy, but that might still be only cosmetic because a lot of website have their own reveal button.

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