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No option to present a tab in Google Meet on Firefox

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Firefox Version: 90.0.2 (64-bit)

Steps to reproduce:

I joined a Google meet meeting. I clicked on the present button. The only options I get are "Your entire screen" and "A window", there is no option to present "a tab".

Expected results: In other browsers like chrome, edge, there is an option to present only a tab. There should be one in firefox as well. It is very important.

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This is not a solution just a suggestion but one could drag the Meets tab onto the desktop thereby creating its own window and move that window to its own desktop in Windows Task View so that you can quickly switch Firefox windows using Win+Ctrl+Left/Right. Viewers will still see add-on icons (can be moved to the overflow menu) and bookmarks toolbar (this can be set to collapse when on a new-tab page only) but not the other open tabs (the tab bar with one tab can be set to collapse in userChrome.css to maximize presentation space).

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@JP, Thanks for your kind help. But frankly, I think that installing another browser will be a less tedious solution to this problem. Anyways, do you know any other channel through which I can bring this issue to Mozilla's concern? Thanks again!

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If it works in Chrome and not Firefox... Sounds like Google Meets not supporting Firefox.