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Firefox updates - how to stop them and the annoying reminder

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I think I'm about to give up with this 'get help' thingy...everytime I press Enter/return carriage it disappears!

I don't like update 89. If you want a detailed reason from me then let's just say I have old eyes and I agree with all the complaints I've read so far. So, as I always make a recovery point before updating, I've rolled back my computer to 88 and will be staying there, thank you.

Now I would like a way to stop the annoying update notice. Please don't tell me to make files and scripts and mess with the registry...I mean, for goodness sakes, where's the button or the "opt out" thingy?

I will not be updating again until I read that I can keep the look I had without having to 'add-on' or try themes or heaven forbid make my own.

If security changes were Firefox's reasons for updating fair enough...but how did the look of a piece of software become a security issue? If this is 'new fresh' I don't want it, I'll just stay old and stale thanks.

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How do you completely turn off update checks in Firefox v64? You can use a policies.json file to disable updates for all users. https://github.com/mozilla/policy-templates/blob/master/README.md or https://winaero.com/blog/disable-updates-firefox-63-above/

You can use a policies.json file in the distribution folder in the Firefox installation folder instead as also listed in the article, so no need to use GPO keys in the Windows Registry. • https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customizing-firefox-using-policiesjson

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"I will not be updating again until I read that I can keep the look I had without having to 'add-on' or try themes or heaven forbid make my own."

dittymargoo, when I recently updated I was offered a choice of UI themes, including "System theme" which states: "Follow the operating system setting for buttons, menus, and windows." Would this be of use to you?

I too was worried about the new Proton theme. Being visually-impaired I really did not want to lose my OS's custom colour scheme and button sizes etc.

Fortunately when I updated to FF90 it offered me the above option, so those of us with less than perfect eyes can keep things the way we need them by choosing this option. Maybe this is what you are after?

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