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Open Firefox Home in specific Multi-Account Container

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Hi! I am trying to use the Multi-Account Containers add-on in conjunction with Facebook Container and Temporary Containers add-ons.

I have DuckDuckGo set as my default search engine, and Homepage and New Tabs and Windows set to Firefox Home.

Firefox Home has no domain in the address bar, which is presumably why it is always opened in a temporary container.

I am not sure I understand the best practice to use them after reading a LOT on various sites. Aside from the default containers, I have set up specific containers, depicted in the attached image, for: -Privacy Expected (Firefox, DDG, etc). -Often used and generally trusted (labelled Suppliers, Sites I like). -General sites which I expect to visit again, and I've managed cookie settings I don't want to do again each visit due to Temporary Containers add-on deleting their cookies. -Yuk Sites I expect to track me can go in a container (again, only adding to a container so I don't have to manage their cookies each visit). -worst offenders have their own containers (Google, Microsoft, etc)

Still trying to get my head around how to set permission for add-on Read Aloud to use Google Wavenet voices, and have that permission (and "I am not a robot" Captcha) seen across non-Google pages I want to be able to be read aloud (maybe have to add that 1 page for Google Wavenet voices to an exception in Temp containers or no cointainer but at the extent of my ability to make sense of all this).

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Now Firefox is opening Facebook.com in a Multi-Account Container named Facebook - which had created but I deleted.

I removed add-on Facebook Container, restarted Firefox and re-installed Facebook Container so it can take affect.

It worked but just now I noticed the Facebook tab was the wrong colour and the Container named Facebook which I had deleted from Multi-Account Containers had reappeared. --- Edit: OK, I assumed the reappearing container named Facebook was due to syncing. Set Multi-Account Container to not sync on both PCs. Uninstalled all 3 container add-ons. Restarted Firefox on both PCs. Reinstalled Multi-Account Container add-on, which still has the containers I created seemingly with domain attribution. Reinstalled Facebook Container.

Reinstalled Temporary Containers, and changed a setting: Advanced > General > Automatic Mode: "Don't instantly reopen new tabs in Temporary Containers but instead when new tab starts to navigate ... New tabs can set and read cookies in the default container. "Warning: New tabs (about:newtab and about:blank) can make network requests and set cookies, as long as they're not reopened in a Temporary Container, especially when you use the address bar for search engines. If you have a Cookie-Deletion-Add-on that automatically keeps your default/permanent containers clean and you use privacy-oriented search-engines like Startpage.com or DuckDuckGo, then it should be no problem to use the "Don't instantly reopen new tabs" preference."

As I do indeed use DDG as my search engine and I intend to keep using something like Cookie Auto-Delete or ForgetMeNot, I hope this will stop so many temporary containers being made, and I can set exceptions in there rather than in Temporary Containers.

In doing this I have realised that while 2 add-ons (Multi-Account Container and Facebook Multi-Account Container) are official extensions built by Mozilla, Temporary Containers is not, so this might not be the correct forum for this question, but is reddit, where I have found much of the discussion about using these add-ons?

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Sadly, I've just seen that the Facebook container has reappeared in Multi-Account Container add-on, even though there is no other instance of the add-on to sync with (on remote PC it's still uninstalled, Firefox was not running (and when opened briefly there's still no sign of the add-ons)).

That needs to be fixed or it will keep nobbling Facebook Container's ability to work.

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Every time I open Firefox now, in the Multi-Account Containers add-on, the container labelled "Facebook" which I made before I knew it interferes with the Facebook Containers add-on reappears.

I have removed any sites from it, so hopefully it will no longer cripple the Facebook Containers add-on but clearly something almost certainly associated with Firefox sync is working incorrectly and persistently reinstates an unwanted container expressly deleted repeatedly - why can that not be synchronised instead of its wrongful reinstatement being synchronised?

After several restarts of Firefox, now that Facebook seems to be opening in the container managed by Facebook Container add-on, I added Facebook to Cookie Auto-Delete's whitelist, but I still seem to have to login every time I visit Facebook.

I'm sure there's a fix, but sadly I cannot recommend these add-ons to friends because they are waaaay to hard to use.

I'll persevere, but most people would not be able to justify the time or energy to mess around like this, let alone all the other privacy add-ons I still have installed and need to learn about, configure and deal with how they work in conjunction, let alone screw-ups like ignoring the command to delete a container that cripples another add-on.

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