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using mailto to open a letter box - doesn't work properly

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i got a new browser, was trying to get it to recognize mailto commands. instead it opens a window to go to a profile (tried it in edge does the same thing).

originally it was finding an old profile i made ages ago, but it insists on making a brand new profile.

the thing is, i don't have a profile, all my files are listed in a custom directory i put into the thunderbird directory (to make it portable). and if i try to make a profile it blanks it all out - settings, structure etc. even if i copied the old files into a new directory and focused the new profile with the old files in it.

and now i'm starting to confuse myself.

basically i think what i need is - the ability to create a profile of my current settings, so i can give that to the browsers. i don't remember having this issue with waterfox. but i'm using something else now. is there a way to do this? take what i have, that isn't in an official profile, and just put it into a profile?


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never mind, solved it myself, i made a new profile and copied the old stuff into the new profile and that seems to work now. still not sure how it worked without the profile or why it worked fine in waterfox.

Mike Savad


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I will transfer you query to the firefox forum. Perhaps someone there can offer suggestions.

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