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Firefox update disabled, yet updates, and i hate the new theme.

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Hey all.

I've been using firefox for as long as i can remember and it was pretty much always the same, things are in the same locations etc... at least they have been now for the past many years.

I have updates disabled, i have clicked no for the past few times, and today i open firefox and it had updated itself... and just for fun i'm going to repeat myself, i have updates disabled...

The new top tabs are bigger with smaller text now, the "play" and "mute" button that was on the right side is now on the left and you can only see it when you hover the mouse over the tab itself. All that so there can be written "playing" under the name of the tab now. Instead of the "speaker" icon that was to the right of the tab name. Not even 24 hours ago i had it like that. Utterly useless changes. Who comes up with these ideas? It's helping no one! Stop it :)

It's fine that you have to push updates for security reasons etc... But this user interface changing is seriously going to make me stop using firefox. Why can't you just make your updates but let my browser be and look the same as it has always been!?

This is so annoyingly pathetic. I hope you can do something to change this, or at least give us the old theme with smaller top bar, play/mute on the right side as it was before so it's easy to see and find what tab is playing without having the text of the tab become smaller.

This is why i have disabled updates! It's like opening a drawer that always has socks in it for years, and all of sudden there's spoons in that drawer. Why would you change the position of things? What's next, the close firefox at the bottom left corner? Just for fun to mix things up? ;)

So lame guys.

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Support forum volunteers don't know all the background on the UI overhauls. There is a "Behind the design" article on the blog you could look over: https://blog.mozilla.org/en/products/firefox/new-firefox-coming-june-1/

But moving on to how you might want to tweak it to meet your needs:

Perhaps you might want to try the Compact mode. That has a different approach to the sound playing / mute button. This article describes an extra step needed before switching to Compact: Compact mode workaround in Firefox.

For font size changes, you have one built-in option, which is the scale up the entire browser. Here's a thread on that: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1339391#answer-1418994

Alternately, you can use the community-supported (unofficial) workaround of modifying the UI with a userChrome.css file. On my site, I have a tab restyler tool to generate custom rules and general guidance on setting that up.

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