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Firefox cannot access websites but ISP says I am connected to the internet

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Firefox stops working several times a day & cannot access websites. PC is connected via Ethernet to the modem/router. I get a message website cannot be found. I called the ISP a couple times & they show me connected to the internet.

Firefox will not completely close & let me run it again. Task Manager lets me remove all but one occurrence of FF, which prevents me from running another copy of it.

I end up restarting the PC several times a day to get connected again.

The last time I was looking in Control Panel > Network Connections & that window froze & could not close out of it. I could open FF over the Control Panel window but could not run FF. I let it sit while using a wireless device to look up stuff. The monitor went to sleep because there was no signal, probably because the PC went to sleep. I could not wake up the PC & had to power it off.

Another time Network Connections > Local Area Connections was stuck on "identifying..." and never found the router.

All this started happening after I tried a USB wireless adapter & installed its driver & Cisco software that got installed with the driver. I have uninstalled all this & updated the wired network adapter driver.

I tried to restore Windows back to an earlier date a couple times but a message said the restore was not successful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks

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Firefox works perfectly when accessing any website I’ve used. Until it doesn’t.

I just updated to vers 89.0.2 but it acted the same on whatever the previous version was.

I have a couple FF profiles & one does not have any add-ons but it makes no difference.

I can use the PC for hours without a problem & close FF when done. The problem seems to occur when I come back to the PC whether it’s an hour later or 6 hours later. I’m not sure if it always has a problem when I come back to the PC because I never thought about that aspect until now.

As I think back it seems FF does not work when the PC wakes up from sleep mode. I can open FF but it will not access any website. Maybe something in the network controller or similar is not waking up when the PC wakes up?

Last night I changed the Power Options so the PC would never go to sleep. Every few hours I’d check & Firefox always worked. I realize that’s a short term test but is there something I can check that controls waking up a network connection?

Could that USB wireless adapter I tried have disabled some wired network setting?

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You might ask about that here: https://support.microsoft.com


Windows 7 is no longer supported. But someone might help.

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