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Ugh! FF 89's boxes vs tabs are awful! How do I restore the previous interface?

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I just updated Firefox, and I really regret it. Is there any way to fix the interface so it works properly, as it did before?

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Do you mean the button/bubble style tabs? I'm not sure what you mean by "works properly" -- is it broken/nonfunctional, or just an eyesore?

What are your main issues with the new design? For example:

  • Prefer higher contrast color scheme
  • Prefer less tall tabs/toolbars
  • Prefer tabs to be "connected" rather than floating
  • Prefer dividing lines between tabs

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Well I'm considering finding a different Browser due to 89+ interface change. It looks just plain Bad.

I've uninstalled 89 and have been dealing with pain of getting 88 back up. Appears 90 does not provide a simple 'original style' option.

Been using FireFox for some 20+ years . . . . . but very likely 88 is my last install.

Planning Team really fouled up this time.

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Hi craigb726tt2, are you referring to the appearance of the tab bar?

This is Firefox 90:

This is Firefox 90 if you flip the preference:

Probably Firefox 90 will be the last version where that is possible and in the future you'll need to use a different workaround if you don't like the tabs.

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I've been ignoring this nightmare for a while and just came back to see if anyone cared about users who abhor v89 and now v90.

It seems no one does.

Firefox has been wonderful for years. Someone hiding behind Mozilla destroyed it.

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