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is there a roll back for firefox , this new one is poor

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so my firefox updated to this new look firefox and sorry to say what a load of c##p s##t it is can i roll it back anyway or should i just remove it from my pc laptop and phone and try something diffent?? its lost all my login info, its lost all my bookmarks . i type someting in the search bar and its doin something els ? what have you guys done omg.

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We appreciate your feedback on the recently redesigned Firefox browser.

We set out in 2021 to reimagine Firefox's design to be fast, modern and inviting. With the latest 89 release, we’re bringing you a modern new look designed to streamline and calm things down so you have a fresh new web experience every time you use Firefox.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see improved or fixed?

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Yes, in particular I would like to see the Firefox team members who thunk up version 89's "new look" and implemented it, and then send them back to Programming 1A. While the security issues may have been fixed, the new Proton interface leaves a lot to be desired.

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