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Lost all my firefox book marks.

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I really hope someone can help. I'm on a macbook Air and kept getting a Widevine cdm plugin crash error message coming up. Some help online said I should move my profile folder onto my desktop and this would solve the problem. I did this and now upon opening firefox browser all my bookmarks have gone and I seem to have a new firefox browser as is never used. I have no gone back into 'About Profiles' and have two directories 'local' and 'root' listed. I have no idea how to restore my old firefox browser and bookmarks. Help!

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Hmm, I don't know who would suggest moving your profile folder yourself. Firefox loses track of it in that case.

You could try copying some files from your old profile folder on your desktop and pasting them into the "Root Directory" for your current profile (replacing the new empty files). It's easiest to arrange two Finder windows side by side when doing this; to avoid errors, as a "left to right" person, I suggest putting your old profile (source) on the left side and the new profile (destination) on the right.


The simplest method is to find the bookmarkbackups folder in both the source and destination profiles. Copy a few recent files from the source to the destination. The creation dates are coded into the file names.

After the transfer, try using the Restore feature in Firefox: Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer.

Other Settings/Data

Other data isn't as easily moved, and you would need to quit Firefox to avoid files being locked/overwritten. See this article for more info: Recovering important data from an old profile.

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If you use the Time Machine or other backup then try to restore file(s) from this backup.

Location used for the main profile that keeps your personal data (Root Directory on about:profiles).

  • ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/<profile>

In Mac OS X v10.7 and later, the "~/Library" folder in the Home directory is a hidden folder.

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