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Undo last move in GMail inside Firefox on Desktop Machine

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I run Kubuntu 19.04 LTS with FireFox and have several GMail accounts open at once, right now 8, and in the main GMail, I selected "Move to Folder" and typed "X" in the popup, but when it moved it showed "Moving to Y" and I did not catch the "Undo" popup fast enough and being busy, executed several commands before I saw the error.

Going to CMail help almost all the HOWTOs on this subject are form "DROID" and not the desktop, so I'm clueless on how to effect the actual "indo" or do the following:

  1. Look in my FF or GMail history to find that move cmd,
  2. Either "undo" or
  3. Get the list of files in that directory and "select" + "move" to the right directory,

Oh! Gmail definitely lies telling you labels are the same as directories, but a total lie, as choosing a label only marks the file, keeping it in the "inbox" but with a directory a "move to" command actually moves the file out of the inbox into the directory specified.

I hope someone know this answer and I will also post this on the GMail help forum!



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You should be able to go to the Y 'folder' and move the email from there to X.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

However I have over 5,000 folders and have completed well over 1,000 actions in GMail since then, so have to see the GMail history to even begin to think about and identify the transaction, so I can do what you said.

The novice user can do what you said, but I've been on GMail, with over 50 accounts there for over 20 years and definitely not a novice. Furthermore, when I select folders, say from my primary account, GMail shows all the folders in all my accounts, which yes is convenient as my accounts address my 20+ businesses and so, like topics, moving an email from account A inbox to account B, folder Y because of it's topic is convenient.

Sorry you did not understand this!



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