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Add-On Icon Not Showing Up In Toolbar

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I've just today attempted to make the switch from Chrome to Firefox, so I apologize for my unfamiliarity with the browser. I've found that one of my add-ons does not show up in the Toolbar, where I would much prefer it to be for ease of access.

  • I have already attempted two other fixes I have read about: one about deleting files in the Firefox folder and restarting Firefox, as well as another involving the "Customize Toolbar..." option from the dropdown hamburger menu. The former yielded no results other than resetting my other extensions' access to Private Browsing. With regards to the latter, the add-on in question is nowhere to be found - this is not the case with the others, which show up and can be moved freely in and out of the Toolbar.
  • In the case that I may be asked to check it - I have ensured that I did download the add-on, as it is present in the "Manage Your Extensions" menu in the add-ons manager.

Are there other solutions that I may attempt before writing off the issue as specific to this add-on?

Thank you in advance.

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I believe that add-ons for Chrome are not always compatiable with FF.

Sometimes you can find add-ons that have not been verified / approved by FF on a site called GitHub.

So if the maker of this favorite add-on has created or is creating a FF version, see if its cataloged a the above site.

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What add-on is this about ?

Did you check the reviews on its Add-ons website to see if there are issues reported ?