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unwelcome search engines

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I don't know how it happened and I don't care. There are a couple of search engines that I hate with passion. Yahoo and Bing. I was surprise and annoyed when I saw Yahoo delivering search results. I never asked Yahoo for anything and never will. Why are they then replacing my Google search engine? Did anybody , like me, authorized such search engine replacement. I love both Mozilla and Firefox, so when I saw Yahoo, one of my most hated search engines replying to my request, I was angry. In a way I felt betrayed. Doing things behind my back with entities that I don't want to deal with sounds like something Microsoft would do. Which brings us to my second most hated search engine. Bing. I feel the same way about Bing as I feel about Yahoo. Which makes it easier for me to: Request urgently and strongly that these two search engines (Yahoo and Bing), never handle any information I request from Google or Firefox or Mozilla.

I don't want Yahoo or Bing to know what I'm searching for, or what I purchase or what I might purchase. I know, they could get such information from other sources. Fine, let them. But don't become their continuum. I hope my urgent request gets implemented as soon as you guys and girls get this notification.

Next time you decide to have replacements of anything from the way my Firefox is configured, Please, let me know, and let me know where can I go to view such changes and/or edit such changes. Thank you

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Type about:preferences#search<enter> in the address bar. You can select any search engine to be your default from here.

You can also remove any engine from here.

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Hi Agnostos, how serious is the problem? For example, if you prefer Google:

  • Searches from the address bar show "Search with Yahoo" but this can be fixed by changing the setting back to Google on the Options page (Change your default search settings in Firefox). Does this stick after restarts or does it switch back at every startup?
  • Searches from the address bar show "Search with Google" but you get results on a different site instead

A common culprit is an extension. You can view, disable, and often remove unwanted or unknown extensions on the Add-ons page. Either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+a (Mac: Command+Shift+a)
  • "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons
  • type or paste about:addons in the address bar and press Enter/Return

In the left column of the Add-ons page, click Extensions. On the right side, find the "Manage Your Extensions" heading.

If there is at least one extension before the next heading -- "Recommended Extensions" -- please continue:

Then cast a critical eye over the list below that heading. Any extensions Firefox installs for built-in features are hidden from this page, so everything listed here is your choice (and your responsibility) to manage. Anything that mentions search, or privacy, or looks suspicious or that you just do not remember installing or why? If in doubt, disable (or remove). For your privacy and security, don't let mystery programs linger here.

If the Add-ons page is blank or inaccessible:

Disable extensions temporarily by restarting Firefox in Troubleshoot mode (formerly known as Safe Mode):

If Firefox is running:

You can restart Firefox in Safe/Troubleshoot Mode using either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > Help > Troubleshoot Mode... (before Fx88: Restart with Add-ons Disabled)
  • (menu bar) Help menu > Troubleshoot Mode... (before Fx88: Restart with Add-ons Disabled)

and OK the restart. A small dialog should appear. Click the Open button (before Fx88: "Start in Safe Mode" button).

If Firefox is not running:

Hold down the Shift key when starting Firefox. (On Mac, hold down the option/alt key instead of the Shift key.) A small dialog should appear. Click the Open button (before Fx88: "Start in Safe Mode" button).

Note: Don't use the Refresh without first reviewing this article to understand what will be deleted: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings.

Can you regain control of searches?

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