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May need to install the required video codecs

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# My problem

When i go to some site with video (for example https://www.openproject.org/ ) i have the following message : "To play video, you may need to install the required video codecs".

# Spec

I run Firefox Beta in Fedora, it's installed in /opt/ folder. I have the "normal" version of firefox too and the video works well.

# Some other infos

The video seem to be a mp4 video and i have the following package installed in my fedora GStreamer Multimedia Codecs (Multimedia plauback for APE, AVI, DV, FLAC, FLX, Flash, MKV, MP4, Speex, VP8, VP9 and WAV).

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Here is what I have installed from the packman repo. see screenshot Your example link was not helpful, but it looks like most of their videos are on YouTube.

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Same message and no firefox help to click on. Trying to watch disney plus using Ubuntu 21... Previously used Ubuntu Studio and firefox could do this with 1 click on "enable DRM" pop up, and I was only using .iso from flash drive, never installed it.

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Downloaded and installed Google Chrome, that works at least, yay!

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Make sure you have the latest FFmpeg and libavcodec packages installed.

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I had the same problem in Ubuntu 20.04 with Firefox 92.0, I could solved my problem installing the Multimedia Codecs for Ubuntu, running on the terminal the command:

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Here you can find a complete article with the explanation written by Shahriar Shovon.

I guess that in other distributions the solution is almost the same, install the Multimedia Codecs!

PD: Don't forget close and open Firefox after install the codecs!

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