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How to restore the shortcut for "Copy link" back to A?

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So after 13 years, Mozilla has changed the shortcut for "Copy link" from A to L.

This is an INSANE move! Copying links isn't some obscure power command, it's a basic, everyday function that everyone needs to use. Who doesn't have to copy URL links from time to time?

Moving the key to L makes the shortcut so much more difficult to use now. You're required to move your left hand a long way, and look down at the keys. It takes forever and interrupts the flow of browsing the web. It's stupid. Why not change the key to C? Isn't that logical?

I wish I could give Mozilla feedback about this, but sadly I can't.

Can someone please tell me how to change this back WITHOUT installing an extension. If Mozilla have just suddenly changed this key without even giving users an option to change it back, that is terrible.

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You can look at this extension.

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Unfortunately, Firefox does not have any built-in feature to modify the accelerator keys on menus. There is a bug on file about this (Copy Link) where different ideas have been discussed, but it's too soon to tell whether this will change in a future release.

Maybe I'm an aberration, but since my hand is on the mouse already, I've always slid the pointer down and clicked Copy Link (Location).

Được chỉnh sửa bởi jscher2000 vào

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See also:

  • 1701324 - New "Copy Link" context menu shortcut key is motor-inaccessible in common keyboard/mouse layout

(please do not comment in bug reports

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Thank you both.

I don't get why Mozilla just drops huge changes like this without any announcement.

When Firefox is updated, iI it really so hard to make a page load with a list of major changes to how the software works? Is it really so hard to give a quick explanation of WHY these things have been inexplicably changed? Why leave everyone in the dark, confused and angry, wondering if there's a bug, searching Google to find out what's changed?

I really wish I could tell Mozilla this.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi MartyJames vào

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Rather late now, but if you wanted to delve into the COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED and SOMETIMES DANGEROUS world of startup scripting to hack your Firefox...

I used this menu wording change for the sample script in my article last May: https://www.userchrome.org/what-is-userchrome-js.html